Day September Something

September 12, 2009

Well, there’s lots to catch up on. How to say all of it in very few words. Because like the rest of you: I’m tired.

So…I still went on my vacation. I had lost a few pounds. Was paranoid, dressed out of my plastic bag, lived out of plastic bags while I was there. Obsessed. Everything was fine.

So…I moved in with Drover. I know! I know! You’re not supposed to move out. But we’d been moving toward that anyway. I practiced HAZMAT diligence, literally stripping at the door and bagging my clothes until I permenatenly moved in. Barely brought anything with me, not even my beloved computer (working off of Drover’s Acer now). Oh, and I brought three loads of clothes that had been lovingly washed, blast dried, and triple bagged by Bugs R Gone. That’s it. Nada.

Landlords wouldn’t let me out of my lease early, so I’ve been paying for an apartment I didn’t live in for three months. Everything already packed up, no linens out, orange garbage bags taped to the windows. Yes, classy.

Went over to bb central tonight to pack the rest of my stuff and toss the food (not risking bringing it to Drover and I’s place)–hurt to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. But then…I found a &^#ing bedbug. Lifted up my printer to find a nymph taking a late Friday stroll. Showed the super’s wife (super was “busy” hiding behind the corner) and she didn’t think it was one. Dude, I know bed bugs at this point. Oh, and how about the three mattresses I’ve seen tossed outside the building in the past several months when I dropped by to pick up my mail. “No problem”….riiiiiiiight.

So…I saw another bed bug. Under the printer. Amazing how something that’s a mm small can break your heart, wrack your brain and make you cry for an hour when you get home thinking one’s hitching on you.

The routine was performed: Stripped immediately upon entry to laundry room, which is before the entrance to my front door. I can still hear the dryer going.

So, two sprays, all the linens washed, obsessive vaccumming and living out of bags…and still there are bed bugs.

The Annex blows.

Mood: Too pissed to bother looking for a movie.


Day June Something

June 14, 2009

I wish I could remember the days. At least June 14th will be memorable. Bugs ‘R’ Gone Laundry–correction: the rockin’ Bugs ‘R’ Gone in Toronto–dropped off my material (literally) goods today (see how much I like these folks in a previous post, on, etc. etc.–again: rockin’).

So, I’m surrounded by plastic bags, sitting on a plastic chair, holding a plastic spray bottle, looking at my plastic (i.e. garbage bag) curtains.

It’s the world of the future now. I’m giving the Epcot Center a run for it’s money. Kidding, Disney. Kidding.

Number of bags returned: 15
Strangest moment: Realizing someone washed my padded bras
Best moment: Realizing I don’t have to look for loonies to clean my stuff
Grown up thought of the day: Leaving most of my clothes in bags until I move in September
Most cherished item returned: PILLOW!



Okay, is this done yet?

Tired of, and not in order of importance:

  • So many showers
  • Living out of zip loc bags
  • Going for broke because of the constant laundry and said zip lock bag purchases
  • Vacuuming
  • Feeling like a social freak
  • Itching
  • Scratching

K, is it done now?

How about now?




Day 10

May 30, 2009

Stream of no-sleep-and-no-play-make-Travolta-crazy post.

Supervisor: “You’re looking a little…”
Me: *Stares back with hollow eyes, scratches arm, back. neck.*

The apartment is a quarter full. No metaphor. It’s the truth. Over 20 bags of misc. tossed. Why did I need 15 scarves? It’s Canada, but…

Let’s be positive shall we?

Dear Whomever-Big-Dude:

I am gateful for the following:

  • The lack of sleep brain wave that inspired me to purchase orange (for that shock of colour) garbage bags and hang them as drapes while mine are being washed: Call it PVC Chic.
  • Eating a black bean burrito with Drover; Drover allowing me to annex her sour cream.
  • Two layers of mattress encasements on my mattress and box spring. One cheap vinyl. One tear-inducing expensive allergy/dust mite encasing.
  • The plastic containers my grandmother sent up with my family to put my bed legs in, and the carpet tape that lovingly hugs my bed legs.
  • Drover kindly and awesomely taking care of the wee cat while my place is covered in deadly stuff; wasn’t keen on the kitten’s small liver and kidneys being subjected to the post-fumigation fumes. Thanks Drover. Hi, kitten! HI!
  • The echo in my mostly empty apartment: HELLO, HEllo, Hello, hello, o, o, umbrella, ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh, oh, oh, oh.
  • And last but not least: Jody and Dan of Bugs ‘r Gone Specialty Laundry Service in Toronto. In the beginning, I found my clothes–hell, everything cloth or upholstered–the most scary. What lurked? How would I clean it? How many loonies? Oh, god: the realization there are only 2 washing machines in my building. Queue email to Bugs ‘r Gone. Within a couple of days (they would have showed up in two hours had I needed it, or been that organized), I had arranged a pick up. Jody was a saviour on the phone the when I spoke with her, full of helpful tips and a sense of humour. And Dan didn’t blink at my, oh, mountain ‘o double bagged contractor bags full of clothing, coats, towels, pillows, blankets, cushions…my life. They were completely professional, good spirited, and encouraging. My kind of entrepreneurs. What a relief to not be doing all that laundry, wondering: Is it hot enough?

Did I mention my dad and aunt came up to help me prep my aparmtment for fumigation. Well they did. They drove 4 hours to sleep in a buggy apartment and help me. They rule. And so does my mom, who orchestrated many treats, food, and buckets of cleaners. And my grandma. And and and.

After the fumigation, I stayed at Drover’s for two days (taking utmost crazy precautions not to transfer anything–think ID in a zip lock bag, bagging my shoes outside the door, changing clothes immediately (and those were clothes worn immediately before I left my place, freshly laundered and taken out of zip lock bags). Came back last night and started the vaccuuming mania and put on the first encasements. Grossed out by finding a half-dead bb. Put it in tape and then in tupperware in case I need to call in the exterminator. Call it the burden of proof not so much of a burden anymore.

Well, the laundry bell is almost ready to ding ding ding. And I need sleep. May have actually been able to sleep last night (encasements and all), but my neighbours–who I imagine to be alien-frat-hosers from the dimension of suck–decided that last night was the perfect night for a rip-roaring balcony party. A call to the cops later…I got some sleep. *This much*

Looking forward to sleeping soon. And to the weekend and finding moments to be normal.



Ps: I’ve been putting my laptop on top of a non-stick muffin pan. Take that, bbs! I mean, if you’re not already dancing under my keys.

Day 8

May 27, 2009

So much has happened in the past few days.  I’ll post a more detailed post later on this week, but today, in short, I cleaned, they fumigated. *cough cough*

They were only coming for the inspection, but when I arrived the fume dude was at my door writing a dear bed bug note to me.

“I’ve already fumigated.”
“But you were just going to look today. I don’t have any clothes.”
“Yeah, I fumigated.”
“Did you get the drawers?”
“Ah, er.”
“Lets get those drawers, shall we.”



Day 4.5

May 23, 2009

No inspector today. Maybe pushed back until Tuesday. Then super asks for pictures of bugs. “It’ll help convince head office.” He flinched when I ran into him on the way home. Ah, bed bug stigma.

I wish I would have kept the bug I found. I didn’t. But I sent him eight photos of my bites. The one on my face.

Family is still coming tomorrow–not to clean (haven’t had inspection yet), but for moral support.

Put a strip of carpet tape around the circumference of my bed in an effort to catch one for the management company. Next: find gift box.



Day 4

May 22, 2009

Afternoon, Drover. Thanks for the walk in the park yesterday! Llamas! Clouds of midges!

Bite update: Sexy welt on my right forearm.

Sleep update: Remained awake and paranoid until 1:00 am. Fantasized about falling asleep on the subway on the way to work, being rocked back and forth from Downsview to Finch.

Just received a great call from a Toronto Health Inspector. He provided me with some helpful and reassuring information on some of my concerns.

“What about my cat?”
“Talk to the POC regarding what pesticides their using, the length of time the cat cannot be in the apartment post-treatment.”

“Can I visit Drover?”
“Yes. Launder and hot dry your clothes. Don when leaving your place. Bring nothing.”

He gave me his direct line for any future questions. I may tattoo it on my right hand.

My landlord forwarded me an apartment fumigation prep document, but still no word on the inspector–when he or she is arriving at my apartment. My mantra: Today, today, today. Sing it with me kids!


Day 3

May 21, 2009

Morning, Drover.

Note: Inform landlord of heart condition, added stress, blood pressure through the roof = inspection notice.

The inspector is coming either Friday or Monday from my POC company of choice (as per the recommendation of an incredibly kind and well-bb-versed coworker).

And my family is coming on the weekend to assist with cleaning and they’re dogged cleaners. Hooray!

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t crying my eyes out again this morning. But that doesn’t mean I just didn’t freak out a small piece of apple skin that landed on my arm. But that doesn’t mean, doesn’t mean, doesn’t mean…



Day 2

May 21, 2009

Once, twice, three times a lady. Pursued, chased, called my super and landlord to see when the POC inspection is going to be. It’s been three days and no real word.

Landlord: “We’re waiting for the schedule.”

Another day with no definite inspection date. Frustrating, since I want to start le massive clean/bleach/caulking/vinegar express. But suggestions on suggest you don’t clean too much before the POC arrives to do the inspection.

I’ve considered starting all of the laundry that needs to be done, but there’s a service in Toronto I may consider using once I meet the infamous POC. They pick up, clean, and drop off bed buggy laundry.

So, another night spooning the bed bug Waltons. The cat is furious about being left out of this action.

But, earlier was everything I needed. Sun, cheese pies, wine, and cards in the park with Drover.

Night, Drover. xo



Day 1

May 20, 2009

Crying. Crying when I wake up. Crying during breaks at work. Crying when talking to people at Public Health Toronto. Crying over my tasty, tasty T.O. street dog.

Crying that I have to go home to bed bugs.