Day September Something

September 12, 2009

Well, there’s lots to catch up on. How to say all of it in very few words. Because like the rest of you: I’m tired.

So…I still went on my vacation. I had lost a few pounds. Was paranoid, dressed out of my plastic bag, lived out of plastic bags while I was there. Obsessed. Everything was fine.

So…I moved in with Drover. I know! I know! You’re not supposed to move out. But we’d been moving toward that anyway. I practiced HAZMAT diligence, literally stripping at the door and bagging my clothes until I permenatenly moved in. Barely brought anything with me, not even my beloved computer (working off of Drover’s Acer now). Oh, and I brought three loads of clothes that had been lovingly washed, blast dried, and triple bagged by Bugs R Gone. That’s it. Nada.

Landlords wouldn’t let me out of my lease early, so I’ve been paying for an apartment I didn’t live in for three months. Everything already packed up, no linens out, orange garbage bags taped to the windows. Yes, classy.

Went over to bb central tonight to pack the rest of my stuff and toss the food (not risking bringing it to Drover and I’s place)–hurt to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. But then…I found a &^#ing bedbug. Lifted up my printer to find a nymph taking a late Friday stroll. Showed the super’s wife (super was “busy” hiding behind the corner) and she didn’t think it was one. Dude, I know bed bugs at this point. Oh, and how about the three mattresses I’ve seen tossed outside the building in the past several months when I dropped by to pick up my mail. “No problem”….riiiiiiiight.

So…I saw another bed bug. Under the printer. Amazing how something that’s a mm small can break your heart, wrack your brain and make you cry for an hour when you get home thinking one’s hitching on you.

The routine was performed: Stripped immediately upon entry to laundry room, which is before the entrance to my front door. I can still hear the dryer going.

So, two sprays, all the linens washed, obsessive vaccumming and living out of bags…and still there are bed bugs.

The Annex blows.

Mood: Too pissed to bother looking for a movie.