Day 4

May 22, 2009

Afternoon, Drover. Thanks for the walk in the park yesterday! Llamas! Clouds of midges!

Bite update: Sexy welt on my right forearm.

Sleep update: Remained awake and paranoid until 1:00 am. Fantasized about falling asleep on the subway on the way to work, being rocked back and forth from Downsview to Finch.

Just received a great call from a Toronto Health Inspector. He provided me with some helpful and reassuring information on some of my concerns.

“What about my cat?”
“Talk to the POC regarding what pesticides their using, the length of time the cat cannot be in the apartment post-treatment.”

“Can I visit Drover?”
“Yes. Launder and hot dry your clothes. Don when leaving your place. Bring nothing.”

He gave me his direct line for any future questions. I may tattoo it on my right hand.

My landlord forwarded me an apartment fumigation prep document, but still no word on the inspector–when he or she is arriving at my apartment. My mantra: Today, today, today. Sing it with me kids!



Day 3

May 21, 2009

Morning, Drover.

Note: Inform landlord of heart condition, added stress, blood pressure through the roof = inspection notice.

The inspector is coming either Friday or Monday from my POC company of choice (as per the recommendation of an incredibly kind and well-bb-versed coworker).

And my family is coming on the weekend to assist with cleaning and they’re dogged cleaners. Hooray!

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t crying my eyes out again this morning. But that doesn’t mean I just didn’t freak out a small piece of apple skin that landed on my arm. But that doesn’t mean, doesn’t mean, doesn’t mean…