Day June Something

June 14, 2009

I wish I could remember the days. At least June 14th will be memorable. Bugs ‘R’ Gone Laundry–correction: the rockin’ Bugs ‘R’ Gone in Toronto–dropped off my material (literally) goods today (see how much I like these folks in a previous post, on, etc. etc.–again: rockin’).

So, I’m surrounded by plastic bags, sitting on a plastic chair, holding a plastic spray bottle, looking at my plastic (i.e. garbage bag) curtains.

It’s the world of the future now. I’m giving the Epcot Center a run for it’s money. Kidding, Disney. Kidding.

Number of bags returned: 15
Strangest moment: Realizing someone washed my padded bras
Best moment: Realizing I don’t have to look for loonies to clean my stuff
Grown up thought of the day: Leaving most of my clothes in bags until I move in September
Most cherished item returned: PILLOW!